Wizards Storage Portal V 3.60-3.83 Changelog

To all Wizards Storage Portal users

Here follow the user relevant parts of the changelogs:

3.83 updates & bugfixes:

  • WSP: New list page component with dynamic filter not loading with IE 11
  • WSP: "Enabled" checkbox isn't displayed on Scheduled Reports page 

3.82 updates & bugfixes:

  • Updated SVC Hosts List with new advanced filtering
  • SVC Agent: Invalid cluster config files stay in InBox
  • Browser caching for static files is disabled
  • Incomplete list of FC IO Ports is shown on Node details page
  • Fixed TSM.LOG not being pumped.

3.81 updates & bugfixes:

  • Added wizards configuration changes to the Audit Log
  • Added TSM server grouping changes to the Audit Log
  • Removed "Disaster recovery"
  • Show the command line used for validating a TSM server in WCC
  • Fixed issue causing frequent logouts on WSP site
  • WSP: Tape Storage Pools: an error occurred when selecting a specific list entry and click Cancel

3.80 updates & bugfixes:

  • RBC: Deleting of Employee login results in an error
  • WSP: the values of Severity and Source are lost for first opening filter
  • Unable to move tsm license
  • Tsm Agent does not deliver BA Client logs when there're no TSM Servers configured
  • WSP: Dashboard page: the window in the window happens
  • WSP: BA client log does not fit into the screen if selected VM is on the bottom of the page
  • WSP: unexpected behavior of Alert Instance List page
  • WSP: the message about Saving of new dashboard doesn't appear if used "Close" from context menu

3.79 updates & bugfixes:

  • WSP: Audit Log: there is no "User session expired" event
  • Operator for TSM v. 6.7.5 : Defect found Failed to refresh data: Table is not Found. TableName='EVENT_CLIENT'
  • WSP: Configure Alerts - the user can not delete new Alert it if has not been saved
  • WSP: Dashboard description should not save more than 500 characters.
  • WSP: Change label for Domain drop-down
  • WSP: Management: filter doesn't work with Enter button
  • WSP: To make the order of fields in the filter the same as in the grid

3.78 updates & bugfixes:

  • WSP: Capacity GB and some another columns - add a comma and another sign after zero
  • WSP: Volume List page is broken under special conditions
  • WSP: An internal error for Widget after taking away access to it 
  • WSP: Free Space, GB - add a comma and another sign after zero
  • WSP: Dashboard page doesn't reload after rename not own dashboard
  • WSP: Export for BA client log doesn't work if there is no value for Schedule 
  • WSP: Edit dashboard properies when the dashboard was deleted since the last time user got it
  • WSP: Create Node: "Client Option Set", "Domain" and "Schedule" are not reset to default if "Location" was changed

3.77 updates & bugfixes:

  • Added user login/logouts to audit log
  • Enabled browsing BA client log entries related to particular VM and date
  • Enabled TSM Agent delivering BA logs to WSP
  • WSP: Change alignment for Capacity Saving Method
  • WSP: Change alignment for Type field
  • WSP: Change alignment for UID field 
  • WSP: implement thousands separator for some fields
  • WSP: incorrect name for Active Alerts in the breadcrumb
  • WSP: Filter: Some fields lose containing value after Copy/Paste+Enter button
  • RBC: Event List: Date format in the grid does not depend on the culture
  • WSP: Occupancy By Node: Wrong format of date in memo
  • WSP: Change alignment for License Type field 
  • WSP: Server Uptime, % doesn't depend on culture

3.76 updates & bugfixes:

Added Audit log

  • RBC: Event List: after filtering there is no data in the grid
  • RBC: Event list: incorrect format for the date in the filter
  • WSP: Event history: Date format on top of the grid does not depend on the culture
  • WSP: export fails when filter uses a datetime field on "Containers" page
  • WSP: filtering by datetime fails on "Containers" page
  • WSP: Containers: exported file is empty when the page's number isn't equal 1
  • WSP: Containers: filter by Last Written Date loses the selected value after pressing Enter
  • RBC: Global Plugin Filter doesn't update data when user selects something
  • WSP:Containers: the format of date/time for Last Written Date should be changed
  • WSP: datepicker on the server uptime page: selection date range for the month changes interval to current month

3.75 updates & bugfixes:

  • Added container pool list page
  • Notification Schedule table showing wrong "Time From" and "Time To" data after adding new notification type to table
  • WSP: unintended behavior in date module for month period functionality
  • Volume List displays incorrect "Throttling" value for clusters of firmware 7.7 and higher

3.74 updates & bugfixes:

  • DB Utilization wizard calculates utilization percent based on Total Space of File System and Space Used on File System
  • Added Used Capacity % column on Volume List
  • Volume List page: the state of the dynamic filter is preserved while changing selected clusters
  • Added Server multi selection in "DB Utilization" alert
  • Libraries item of left menu has incorrect name
  • TSM Datapump: SCRIPT table is not pumped
  • Volume List page: Sorting is reset to default after refresh filter on "Volume List"
  • Volume List page: column sorting indicator is mispositioned
  • WSP: Console script Error occured while loading Configuration Overview page
  • WSP: Storage pool "many" leads to error on "Volumes list" page
  • Not all DEDUPSTATS data is delivered to WSP

3.73 updates & bugfixes:

  • Enabled configuring separate thresholds for each availability status
  • WSP: Incorrect filtering for decimal value on Volume List
  • Partner Reports Configuration: default value in daily trigger time breaks report generation with "Unable to calculate next trigger time exception"
  • TSM: Client Activity Graphs page in some cases fails by timeout
  • WSP: Scheduled Reports page doesn't load
  • WSP: "Server" dropdown is not sorted on Self Service_ResetNodePassword
  • WSP: redundant colon in export file on Volime List

3.72 updates & bugfixes:

  • WSP/RBC: Duration time is missing on Event Details

3.71 updates & bugfixes:

  • Enabled reordering, resizing and changing visibility of columns on Volume List
  • WSP: "Confirm Reset License" pop-up doesn't appear after clicking on "Reset" button
  • Partner: Active Alerts widget doesn't load
  • RBC: Virtual Machines page return an internal error. Grid is not displayed. Grid data is missing
  • WSP: Self service Management Log display wrong data
  • Partner: Add Scheduled report error
  • WSP: Self Service Management page not loading. Typescript error occurred
  • TSM Agent stopped pumping TSM servers of version 5.5.x
  • OTSM: Application crashes when the user opens Configurator window
  • TSM Agent fails to start after upgrading to version 7.1.12

3.70 updates & bugfixes:

  • WSP: An Internal Error has occured on "Volume Performance" widget with just created (new) user
  • WSP: Unexpected internal error dialog appears while trying to create "External Storage Performance " widget
  • WSP: SUR _Occupancy shows wrong value on "Server Activity Graphs" page
  • TSM events baseline report: no report data is generated when there is no failures among events
  • Unexpected error occurred while snoozing or closing alerts on Dev
  • Error appears after load Cluster overview, MDisk performance and host performance widgets on wiz14
  • Error appears after load TSM Server Summary (Widget Settings) and Disk Storage Pool widgets on dev
  • WSP: Different size of multi-selection boxes in widget settings

3.69 updates & bugfixes:

  • Changed "Duration" time on "Event Details" to be in format: HH:MM:SS
  • Added new TSM Wizard "TSM Server Availability"
  • Show last error message for "Unavailable" period on "Server Uptime"
  • Enabled browsing actlog entries related to particular alert instance of "Activity Log Message" wizard
  • WSP: columns overlaps each other on "TSM Server summary" widget
  • WSP: Unable to save dashboard after turning from RBC to WSP user
  • WSP: Reporting and Logical occupancy аrе on different graphs when "One graph per pool" is selected
  • RBC: "Contact" filters don't work on "Schedule Details"/"Nodes" tab
  • TSM Server status in not displayed when status the change happens very often
  • WSP: No value is selected in "Occupancy Type" dropdown on "Occupancy History" page

3.68 updates & bugfixes:

  • WSP: TSM/SVC access right issue on "Configure Alerts" page
  • Convert Stgpool activity is not available for selection on Server "Activity List"
  • WSP: Database Status Widget doesn't show "No Data" default value if data is missing
  • WSP: "External Storage Capacity" widget has an internal error
  • 2 Schedules are shown in RBC site when there is only one in tsm
  • WSP: Not able to see the whole name of items in list boxes (Report Settings)
  • RBC: Domain name doesn't fit in dropdown menu
  • WSP: Error after clicking export (PDF, Excel) when there is no data in grid
  • RBC: Clear filter doesn't work after entering some characters in date picker on "Events List"
  • RBC: Activity Log_Changing "dates" or "last time period" is not respected on data
  • RBC: Version of some TSM Node in missing on Alert Instance List 
  • RBC: There are too many entries per schedule on "Schedule List" page
  • Activity log message wizard: clicking a link to a node name leads to the error page

3.67 updates & bugfixes:

  • Show the latest entries in Notification Event Log by default
  • Show description of a policy while browsing Active Alerts
  • Show last access time of the node while browsing event lists
  • WSP: Employee with empty login name leads to error when open "Employee Login" tab
  • WSP: HTML rendering error of node comments on "2-Weeks Node Report" page

3.66 updates & bugfixes:

  • Enabled choosing what server activities are shown on Household Processes
  • Hidden Non-informative server activities by default on Server Activity Graphs
  • WSP: Copy to clipboard functionality broken on alert message template page
  • WSP: Clicking on policy statuses (SLA) isn't reflected on "Policy" and "Risk" section on TSMMasterDashboard 

3.65 updates & bugfixes:

  • Added Sessions overview page
  • Message Archive is not accessible when user is not in Wizards Admin role
  • WSP/RBC: "Snooze" and "Close" buttons don't become active after selecting some alerts

3.64 updates & bugfixes:

  • Enabled filtering Completed, Failed, Missed, In Progress, and Not Completed events by Domain, Life Cycle
  • Enabled filtering all events by Status, Domain, Life Cycle on RBC sites
  • Message Archive is not accessible when user is not in Wizards Admin role
  • WSP/RBC: "Snooze" and "Close" buttons don't become active after selecting some alerts
  • WSP: There are no nodes in grid on "Schedules Details"/"Events" page
  • RBC: All error validation on widgets should be in one style
  • WSP: Inappropriate validation message for "Client Events" widget
  • WSP: No data in excel export file from "Remote Copies" page
  • WSP: "Contact" filter doesn't work on "Schedule Details/Nodes" page

3.63 updates & bugfixes:

  • Created Activity Summary Chart on 2-Weeks Node Report page.
  • Update RBC Dashboard page to version 2
  • Enabled TSM clients summary on RBC dashboard
  • An attempt of Client registration fails with an internal error
  • An attempt of login using "LoginAs" button of the partner site, leads to appearance of an excess confirmation popup
  • Partner: Some columns are not exported to excel file from "Client List" grid
  • WSP/RBC : CSS styles errors occurred on browser console dev tools when creating widgets 
  • WSP: Login form appears when clicking on "Open Node Details Page In New Tab" icon of "Node Name"

3.62 updates & bugfixes:

  • Show nodes with failed backups from yesterday by default when entering Event History
  • Partner site: Add - last login + No of logins during last 30 days on client list
  • Scheduled Reports and Alert Configuration pages allow entering CR and LF symbols (new line) which cause alerts sending to fail
  • WSP: Radio buttons don't work properly on "Delta Report"-"Node", 'Filespaces" pages (only in Chrome browser)
  • It takes more than 30 seconds for TSM Master Dashboard to load the data / TSM Master Dashboard crashes due to data load timeout
  • Activity Log Message wizard does not show server name that the alert is raised for
  • Partner: Double entries on partner chargeback SVC page
  • WSP: "Reset License" leads to error on "Settings->Licenses" page

3.61 updates & bugfixes:

  • Added server multiple choice to No Contact With Wizards Collector alert configuration
  • Added notification message status to Message Archive
  • Enabled resetting TSM server name and machine GUID
  • Partner: error occurs when registering new users and trying to access the "Login info" tab
  • Multiple JS errors. 1) Partner: Active Alerts widget is not loading. 2) RBC: Virtual machines page is not loading. 3) Storage Pools Directory page is not loading
  • There is an appearance of incorrect data while editing configs of some wizards
  • Partner: "Time From/Time To" Time Picker needs for CSS enhancement (IE, Firefox, Chrome)
  • WSP: Server Uptime page not loading
  • Partner: SF/Operator License pages are not loading

3.60 updates & bugfixes:

  • Enabled moving VMware license to another client
  • Enabled grant\revoke WSP user access to VMware license
  • Node Backup Report can be configured to include "In Progress" events
  • STGPOOL from TSM server of version 7.1.5 is not pumped
  • WSP: "Not well formed " error occurred on TSM Master Dashboard widget on dev and prod with Firefox
  • WSP: The unnecessary "VMware" section appears in "Object View" menu if user has access to VMware license
  • An attempt to expand/collapse any section of "svc configuration overview" page fails with error message "500 (Internal Server Error)"
  • There is an incorrect error handling behavior for some widgets
  • WSP: JS Error on Performance Analysis Overview Page
  • WSP: TSM Servers Configuration Overview page not loading
  • JS error for several pages
  • WSP: Error occurs when clicking on ED button on "Volumes" page
  • TSM Agent stops sending data to WSP


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