Wizards Storage Portal V 3.92-3.93 Changelog

New Features:

"Self Service" section added to RBC sites with the following commands:

Reset Node Password: allows resetting a password on a node

Create Node: allows creating a new BA node, while ensuring it is added to a contract, and bound to a schedule.

To use these commands, the server in question needs to have the latest version of the CMD agent installed, if you do not have access to the servers please contact your wsp provider.

Added an audit log page on RBC showing, among other things, logins and executed self-service commands.

Bugfixes and minor additions:

Filter by Integer field doesn't work correctly with operator ">"

incorrect format of data (Dec N1, Timestamp_Minute) in generated reports

Active Alert widget doesn't work in Firefox

2 Weeks VM Report - there is the only Year in column headers instead of the Day and Month


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