Submitting a bug report

Dear Customer,

To ensure a speedy and quality response to solving your problem we need all of the information requested below when logging a ticket with our customer service team.

Send your bug report to:

Ticket information requirements:

  •     Company name
  •     Screen dump (Full screen - without cut offs)
  •     What exactly did you see (full explanation)
  •     What did you expect to see (full explanation)

For OTSM and TSM agent extra information is required:

  •     TSM server (platform + version)*
  •     License key*
  •     BA client version
  •     OTSM/TSM agent version
  •     Windows application Event log entries

* - If the problem is with a TSM server, please be as specific as possible.

A Windows application event log might be requested.
We would like to again highlight the importance of providing all of this information so that Debriefing Software can quickly resolve your issues and improve the performance of WSP.

Sincere regards

Debriefing Software

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