Configuring the Storwize Agent

Before configuring the Storwize System Agent, please make sure that there are files in the following directories in the directory you specified during Probe Configuration:



Configuring the Storwize Agent

This section covers how to configure the Storwize Agent, to send the data collected by the Probe to the Debriefing Software cloud web-services. You'll need to attach the licences recieved to each created Agent, as well as reference the folder where-in the Probe save the data to send. After validating, save and start the Agents, then you are ready to go to WSP

Step-by-step guide

To configure the Storwize Agent click "Add New.." button in the "Storwize System" section.

Now you need to add licenses for each cluster

Enter the license key that you have received. Browse for the directory previously selected for the Storwize Probe, and if it's located on a UNC Path, anter a valid user account / password

The "Storwize Data Folder" settings must be the same as the ones specified in the Probe configuration.

Optionally, you may specify the Windows account to get access to the root directory. This account must have read, write and modify permissions to the directory.

Finally test the entered license key by clicking "Validate license.." button.

A response similar to the one shown in the dialogue below should appear.

Please note that the license check is depending on the files collected by the Storwize Probe, so if it fails ensure that the Storwize Probe is running and try again.

Repeat the steps above fro each Cluster defined(if you have more than 1 cluster you need a separate license key for each).

Remember to save the settings by clicking the "Save" icon

Start the agent by clicking the "Start" icon

The agent will now start sending the files collected by the Probe to the Debriefing Software cloud web-services

**Congratulations - the configuration is complete**


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