Installing Wizards for Storwize Agent & Probe

To utilize the Wizards for Storwize plugin for WSP you need to install the Storwize Probe and Agent on your machines. This guide covers the initial configuration of the Agent and Probe for Wizards for Storwize.

The Storwize probe has been seperated from the SVC Agent, so they can be run on different machines

  • Wizards Control Center
  • WCC Storwize and Agent, and SVC Probe, both downloadable through Wizards Control Center
  • A Windows 2003 32/64 bit server and above [VMware is supported]. Please note that SVC Master Console can NOT be used.

The Storwize Probe will need an SSH key pair to fucntion, use puttygen to generate a public key for the superuser account, and a private key for the probe.

Video Guide
Step-by-step guide

First run the program puttygen

Move the cursor using the mouse in the blank area to generate random numbers

When finished, save the public key, name it eg. <your storage system name>_pub

Then save the private key, use same naming eg. <your storage system name>.ppk

Select Yes to save without passphrase

Select Exit, end the program

Next step is to upload the public key to the Storwize Family system and add it to the user superuser

Login to your system and select users

Finde the user called superuser, right click on it and choose properties

In the section called SSH Public Key, press the browse button

Then select the previous generated public key <your storage system name>_pub

Then select ok

Check the SSH Key column, it should show "Yes"

Next step is to configure the PROBE using the private key <your storage system name>.ppk

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