Wizards Storage Portal V. 3.32

To all Wizards Storage Portal users
Wizards Storage Portal was upgraded on January 30th. The upgrade to 3.32.0 contains a new Wizard for TSM, modernized new charts for Client events widget and pages and more detailed informationen on throttled volumes in Wizards for Storwize, as well as minor bugfixes and performance enhancement.

TSM related changes
New Wizard: Not Completed Client Events Rate
The new wizard raises an alert when the amount of clients event of a certain status, within a given timeframe, is greater than a specified threshold, enabling the user to easily detect situations where lots of events fail within a short period of time.

Client events widget and page re-done
The client event widget and list page has been redone with unified colour coding and new JavaScript/SVG based charts, for better usability and enhanced performance.

Storwize related changes
Throttling Configuration details added for Volumes
To have a better overview of the max performance of Volumes, detailed information about throttling have been added, including: Whether throttling is on/off, whether it is throttled by IOPS/Throughput and the throttling threshold values. Throttling details are available only with WCC Storwize and SVC agent 6.1 and higher.

General updates
- Slight design optimization for Internet Explorer
- Various minor bugfixes and performance enhancements.

Sincere regards
The Development Team

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