Operator for TSM 6.4

The new version 6.4 of Operator for TSM has been released.
Version 6.4 will replace all previous versions of Operator for TSM.

1. Support for DBSNAPSHOT volumes is added in Check out/in routines and Vault Content report. The feature is configurable in the TSM Servers\TSM DB section.

2. Support for Check out of multiple library volumes is added in Volume Operations window Library volumes grid.


Improvements and bug Fixes:
1. Register Node dialog is extended with support for Deduplication parameter.
2. HL and LL Address parameters are applied only for ServerOnly SessionInitiation in Register Node dialog.

3. Vault Content report shows DBSNAPSHOT volumes if any. DBSNAPSHOT and DBBACKUPFULL volumes are shown regardless of the settings in Configurator.
- Windows 2003 Server or higher
- Microsoft .NET 4.0
- Windows Installer 4.5 or higher
- Internet Explorer 8 or higher
- Tivoli Storage Manager 5.4, 5.5, 6.x or higher

All current users of Operator for TSM will be notified about the possibility to download the new version, the next time they lauch their current version of Operator for TSM.

Sincere regards
The Development team

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