Wizards Storage Portal V.3.35

To all Wizards Storage Portal users
Wizards Storage Portal was upgraded on April 10th. The upgrade to 3.35 contains wider support for virtual machines, this time in the form of a new Virtual Machine Backup History page. Also, the upgrade contains several bugfixes and UI + performance enhancement on a number of pages.

TSM Related Changes
New 2-week Backup History page for Virtual Machines 
The new 2-week backup history page for virtual machines summarizes backup events and activities for the last two weeks in a highly visual manner which gives you an instant overview of the backup status of your VM's.

The new report is located here:

At the top of the page a summary chart gives you the rundown in percetages and numbers for the 14 days period, based on the overall backup status for the VM's, aggregated to one status per day, per VM. 

The grid below is per default sorted by the latest day, with missed activities and events at the top, thereby bringing attention to possible problems. If 1 out of 4 backup activities for a particular VM has failed during the day, the overall status  will reflect that and the status for the VM that day will be "failed activity" even though 3/4 backup activities may have been succesful.

When clicking one of the status icons in the grid, a pop-up appears giving you a detailed view of the backup activities and events for that particular VM that particular day.

General updates & Bugfixes

  • TSM: Filtering bug on Event List page when changing time period - FIXED
  • Storwize: Bug in selection setting in External Storage Performance widget - FIXED

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The Development Team

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