Wizards Storage Portal V.3.36

To all Wizards Storage Portal users
Wizards Storage Portal was upgraded on April 29th. The upgrade to 3.36 is primarily focused on TSM related features, but also contains several bugfixes and UI + performance enhancement on several pages.

TSM Related Changes
Re-done 2-week event report for TSM nodes
The TSM 2-Weeks Report page has been completely re-done with new extended filtering functionality, severe UI improvements, unified color-coding and enhanced performance.

The page now page includes multi-select filtering for both Life cycle and Domains

With the new report we have unified the event color coding with the standards across the rest of Wizards Storage Portal.

New UI component for showing event details, including better overview and better scaling.


New Wizard: Storage Pool Utilization 

With the new Storage Pool Utilization wizard you can configure alerts to go off, when a certain storage pool is utilized more than XX %, and enables you to extend  the pool's capacity before it gets fully utilized.

The wizard settings include multiple server selection, multiple storage pool selection and utilization threshold.

All generated alerts can be received via email, text message and will furthermore show in WSP on the Actice Alerts page, Active Alerts widget, TSM Master Dashboard widget and the SLA widget etc.

General updates & Bugfixes

  • General: Phone number validation bug for the text messaging service has been fixed.

Sincere regards
The Development Team

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