Installing Wizards Control Center

The Wizards Control Center is the application that sends data to the Wizards Storage Portal. It also contains the Agents and Probes for all the plugins for WSP and is the first thing you need to install to get started with WSP.

The Wizards Storage Portal receives its data from Agents in the Wizards Control Center (WCC).

This guide covers the initial installation of the Wizards Control Center and the plug-in Agent and Probe for Storwize Systems.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0
Video guide
Step-by-step guide
To install the Wizards Control Center, log into the Wizards Storage Portal and go to User Settings > Downloads In the download list, locate Wizards Control Center and click the download button.

Once the installation has been downloaded install by running the setup.exe file

Downloading plugins using WCC
Plugins can be found under Downloads & Updates in Wizard Control Center, you will at minimum need an Agent which sends data to WSP, some agents will also need a corresponding probe which retrieves and formats the data
Step-by-step guide
To install plugins from the Wizards Control Center, run WCC and go to "Downloads & Updates" in the left menu and enter your WSP login and password

Click "Refresh downloads list" and a list of your available downloads will be shown

Next, locate the desired plugins and click download

Your download progress will be shown

Once downloaded, you can install the plugin directly from Wizards Control Center. Click "Install"

Click the "Next" button to start the installation of the chosen plugin

When the installation is complete, click "Finish".

You are now ready to configure your chosen plugin

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