Installing the Wizards for TSM Agent

The Wizards Storage Portal receives its data from Agents in the Wizards Control Center. This guide covers the initial configuration of the Agent for Wizards for TSM.


  • Wizards Control Center
  • TSM Agent, downloadable through Wizards Control Center
  • TSM administrative command line client(dsmadmc.exe)
  • TSM administrator account with ANALYST privilege, for use by the agent to collect information from TSM


To configure the TSM Agent it first needs to be stopped, you then need to reference your dsmadmc.exe, setup hosts, and configuring each of your servers with appropriate licences. You can validate the steps along the way.

Video guide

Step-by-step guide

Select the TSM Agent and click "Stop" to stop the agent while configuring it.

Now specify the path to the dsmadmc.exe

Dsmadmc.exe is the TSM Administrative Command Line Client. The TSM Agent uses this interface to extract data from the TSM Server.

This program is included in the TSM BA client installation package.

Next choose the "Hosts" tab and click "Test" in the "Hosts Groups" section (under normal cicrumstances you will only have a "Remote" host group defined, and 2 "hosts" will be predefined in that host group).

A message like this should appear.

Close the message and click "Test" in the "Hosts" section.

A message like this should appear.

Repeat the above steps for each host specified

Next we want to add TSM servers

Choose the "TSM Servers" tab and click "Add new" in the "TSM Servers" section.

Enter hostname(or IP address) and port number to use

Specify which TSM administrator account you want the agent to use.

The click "click here to set up the password". This is the password you have set on the TSM server for the administrative account.

Enter the password(twice) and click "OK" until you return to the main windows, now showing the server you have defined

Now click "Test" in the "TSM Servers" section.

A message like this should appear.

Repeat the steps above for each TSM server from which data are to be collected

The final step is the bind the Wizards licenses to your TSM servers

You can see a full list of your licenses on the Wizards Storage Portal under User Settings, Settings, Licenses or in the trial confirmation mail we send you

Select the TSM server in the "TSM Servers" section and click "Add new" in the "TSM Server Licences" section.

Enter the license key that you have received. Under normal circumstances, you only need to register a license for the "Remote" host group

Now click "Test" in the "TSM Server Licenses" section.

A message like this should appear.

Repeat the steps above for each TSM server defined (if you have more than 1 TSM server, you need a separate license key for each server).

Save the settings by clicking "Apply".

The agent will now start collecting information from you TSM server(s).

The first time data are collected, it can take a little while. Please wait 5 minutes, and then check that data is visible in the

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