Wizards Storage Portal V. 3.26

To all Wizards Storage Portal users
Wizards Storage Portal was upgraded on October 9th. The upgrade to 3.26.0 has primarily been focused on the Wizards for TSM plugin 

General changes:

SLA section added to the TSM Master Dashboard widget
With WSP 3.25.0 we introduced the new TSM Master Dashboard widget that gives an overview of the TSM environment at a glance. With WSP 3.26.0 we expand the functionality of this widget with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) section. In the SLA section you can quickly determine the current state of your SLAs, latest policy evaluation time, filter policies by their status and walk through entities that are "at risk".

SLA standalone widget
This widget is a stand-alone version of the SLA section from the TSM Master Dashboard widget. The stand-alone version supports TSM but also Storwize Family and SAN Fabric.
It provides the same drill down functionality. The widget shows data on a per-user basis, taking user access rights into account.

TSM Related changes:
NEW! Node Compression Page
The new Node Compression page gives you insight into compression ratios for nodes with compression enabled. It shows you both best, worst and average compression ratios.
By default the grid is set to sort by worst compression ratio.

NEW! VE Guest Compression Page
The VE Guest Client Compression page provides a list of VE Guests and shows the corresponding best, worst or average compression ratios.

Server Activity Graphs page - redone
In WSP 3.26.0 we introduce the completely redone version of the TSM Server Activity Graphs page. It features completely new JavaScript/SVG based charts.
The work done both in the back- and frontend has resulted in a drastic performance enhancement and very fast load times on both small and huge installations.

Sincere regards
The Development Team

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