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What exactly is the Wizards Storage Portal?
The Debriefing Software Wizards Storage Portal® is a cloud-based Storage Resource Management solution that frees up resources by automating monitoring of capacity, availability, performance and logs from backup systems and SAN’s in near real-time.

What kind of companies are best served by the Wizards Storage Portal®?
The Debriefing Software Wizards Storage Portal® is ideal for Mid-Market and Enterprise companies that need to reduce and optimize storage and back-up CAPEX/OPEX both immediately and in the long-term.

What is the deployment process like?
Unlike other Storage Resource Management solutions Wizards Storage Portal® can be deployed immediately (and gradually) with no incremental hardware and/or software investments.

How is the Wizards Storage Portal sold?
Wizards Storage Portal® is sold both directly and through authorized resellers around the world. Value-Adding Resellers (VAR) and System Integrators (SIs) offer customers their own turnkey managed services portfolio with no vendor interference.

Is it possible to test drive the Wizard Storage Portal?
Yes, you can get limited access to get an idea of what it’s like to use the product. It’s fast and easy to sign up for a free trial.

Will I have to send vital or confidential data out on the Internet?
No, absolutely not. The Wizards Storage Portal® only collects statistical data such as history and capacity and performance figures. No vital or confidential company data is collected. Furthermore, all communication from and to the cloud is encrypted (https).

What products does the Wizards Storage Portal support?
The Wizards Storage Portal supports IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM Storwize, IBM SAN Volume Controller, Brocade, etc

Is the Wizards Storage Portal® website secure?
Absolutely.  All web pages use encrypted protocols (https). Furthermore, when potentially unsafe elements such as plug-ins or Flash are used, clear warnings are shown.

Is the data that is sent to the Wizards Storage Portal® cloud encrypted?
Yes! All communication with the Wizards Storage Portal® Cloud is 128-bit SSL-encrypted and provided with certificates from recognized suppliers.

Does the Wizards Control Center require its own physical server?
Absolutely not.  The Wizards Control Center can be installed on a virtual machine, or even directly on a Windows-based TSM Server.

Does the Wizards Control Center change anything in my TSM, Storwize or SVC (other new products) setup?
Not a thing. Communication between TSM, SVC and Wizards Storage Portal® takes place exclusively via APIs and tools developed and supported by IBM. No unauthorized functions or calls are used.

Where can I find the installation packages?
Installation packages for the Wizards Control Center, plug-in agents and Operator for TSM are found in the Wizards Storage Portal. Installation requires a login.

Which versions of Storwize Family products are supported?
All versions of Storwize and SVC supported by IBM are supported by the Wizards Storage Portal®.

Which versions of TSM are supported?
All versions from 5.4 of TSM on all platforms are supported by the Wizards Storage Portal®.

What are the benefits of Wizards Storage Portal® over the analytical tools provided by IBM, EMC and Brocade?
WSP does not require any hardware or software investment. As it is a simple, intuitive tool, it doesn’t require specialized in-house highly trained managers, and as it is a cloud based solution, it allows your local VAR or system integrator partner to share performance analysis in real time and can facilitate outsourcing Storage Resource Management to reduce costs and increase support coverage.

Who is Debriefing Software?
Debriefing Software is part of the Portalized A/S group that developed WSP in 2003 as part of the Portalized A/S group and is a 100% privately owned company. Debriefing Software A/S created in 2010 to focus on SaaS development

How many customers use Wizards Storage Portal®?
There are more than 100 medium sized to enterprise companies that use WSP with this number growing annually.

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