Operator for TSM 6.7.1

To all Wizards Storage Portal users

A new version of Operator for TSM has been released. The new version 6.7.1 replaces all old versions of Operator for TSM. The new version of Operator is available for download from the Downloads Section in the Wizards Storage Portal or from the Wizards Control Center.

New Features

Support for creating and managing Client Option Sets and Client Options

In Operator for TSM 6.7.1 we have added support for administrative commands related to Client Option Sets and Client Options. The section is located under:

Storage Rules -> Client Option Sets

The view is divided in two. A top view that shows a list of Option Sets, and a bottom view that shows the Client Options related to the Option Set selected in the top view.

The Client Option view allows you to update or delete multiple Client Options at once, with bulk operation.


Support for cancelling multiple sessions at once

In the Sessions section, bulk operation has been introduced, allowing you to cancel multiple sessions at once.

Support for re-naming filespaces

In the Node Details view (located here: Storage Rules -> Nodes -> Node Details) we have introduced the possibility of renaming filespaces. 

Right-click the Filespace Name, choose rename and a dialog with options related appears.


- Added filtering in the Sessions and Processes dialogs.

- With the introduction of the Customer Support Center a few months back and the centralization of all development and support related communication, we have added a direct link from inside Operator to this very site, for easy access to news documentation and installation guides.


Sincere regards

The Development Team


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