Wizards Storage Portal V 3.46

To all Wizards Storage Portal users

Wizards Storage Portal was upgraded on October 9th. Among other things, the upgrade to 3.46 contains a completely new highly configurable Node Backup Report for Wizards for TSM and significant UI changes.

What the upgrade contains:

Wizards for TSM

Node Backup Report

The new node backup report provides you with a scheduled email report that is sent directly to your inbox on a fixed interval (1-72 hours) defined by you.

It comes in a easy-to-understand UI and can be configured to deliver only the specific data you wish to see on a daily or by-daily basis.

To configure the report, go to Planning -> Monitoring Policies - Scheduled Reports and select Node Backup Report from the report type dropdown. Here you also activate the report and set the trigger time which schedules the exact time of day the report is delivered to your inbox.

The report can as stated be set up to filter the Backup data included in the report very specifically.

It offers the option to select which server(s), Domain(s) and lifecycle(s) you wish to see data for ...

... it has freetext filtering where you can specify specific node name patterns. Furthermore you can select which types of backup statusses you wish to include in the report (Missed, Failed, Completed) and which backup types you wish to include (BA, SQL, Oracle etc.) making this a very powerful report that, at a glance, shows you problem areas within the time interval you have selected.

General updates & Bugfixes

• Redesigned left-hand menu on WSP and RBC sites.

• UI improvements on settings part of several widgets on RBC site.

• UI improvements on both TSM and Storwize Configuration overview pages.

• Several bugfixes and other minor UI enhancements.

Sincere regards
The Development Team

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