Operator for TSM 6.7.2

To all Wizards Storage Portal users

A new version of Operator for TSM has been released. The new version 6.7.2 replaces all old versions of Operator for TSM. The new version of Operator is available for download from the Downloads Section in the Wizards Storage Portal or from the Wizards Control Center.

New Features:
1. Support for SSL connection to IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) server.
2. Compatibility with server of version 7.1.3.

Bug Fixes:
1. RUN command incorrectly passes several substition variables - FIXED.



Configuration guides from IBM related to SSL connection 

Securing communications

Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security communication

Configuring SSL and TLS by using self-signed certificates

Configuring SSL and TLS by using CA-signed certificates


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