Wizards Storage Portal V 3.50

To all Wizards Storage Portal users

Wizards Storage Portal was upgraded on December 4th. The upgrade to 3.50 contains several updates for Wizards for Real Backup(Spectrum Protect/TSM) and Wizards for Virtual Storage(Spectrum Virtualize/Storwize & SVC).

What the upgrade contains:

Wizards for Real Backup

New Occupancy by Node widget
With WSP 3.50 we introduce the new Occupancy by Node widget, visualizing the nodes that take up the most space on your servers.


The widget features extensive possibilities in the settings section. Select which: Servers, lifecycles, Domains, StgPools etc. you want to include, thus making it possible to finetune the widget to very specific needs.



Wizards for Virtual Storage

New Pool Utilization Wizard
The new pool Utilization wizard for Spectrum Virtualize (Storwize/SVC) sends an alert by either email or text message if the pool utilization exceeds a certain threshold set by the user. e.g.90%.

The wizard can be configured to include specific clusters, clusters based on name mask and specific pools. 


New Pool Capacity Charts page
The new Pool Capacity chart page visualizes pool capacity over time for a selection of pools. 


The filtering section let's you choose which types of capacity you wish to visualize. The date time picker lets you choose intervals from 1 hour and up and 6 different chart types to choose from.



General updates & Bugfixes

• Fixed issue with password field on the login page

• Several bugfixes and other minor UI enhancements.

Sincere regards
The Development Team


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