Wizards Storage Portal V 3.51 & 3.52

To all Wizards Storage Portal users

Wizards Storage Portal was upgraded on Janaury 8th. The upgrade to 3.52 (+ 3.51) contains several updates for Wizards for Real Backup(Spectrum Protect/TSM) and for the WSP Remote Backup Module

What the upgrade contains:

Wizards for Real Backup
- for IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM)

Excel spreadsheet attached to scheduled emails
The scheduled email reports Node Backup Report and Virtual Machine Backup Report has both been enhanced with excel attachments. This means that along with the scheduled email a given user has configured, an excel spreadsheet containing the data is attached.

This makes sorting, editing and general overview a lot easier especially in the case of large installations and makes for easier status reporting to, for example, management.

Remote Backup Module

Re-done Occupancy History Widget
The Occupancy History widget in the Remote Backup Module has been completely re-done. The old flashbased chart is gone, and has been replaced by a new SVG/javascript based one. Thus improving performance and compatibility.

2-Weeks VM report
The Events section in the Remote Backup Module has been extended with support for showing event history for Virtual Machines, based on RBC contracts.

The page is located under: Object View -> Events ->Event History

The datagrid can be sorted by VM- , Datacenter- , Datamover- and schedule name, along with status on any given day over the two week period. 


Furthermore the page has extensive filtering that makes it possible to show only VM's associated with specific Datacenters, Datamovers, schedules and specific time periods.


Furthermore the 2-Weeks Node Report and 2-Weeks VM Report pages on both WSP and RBC sites have been extended with export to excel functionality. The export button is placed on the right-hand side just above the data grid.


General updates & Bugfixes

  • Significant performance enhancement on the login page
  • Periodic time-out on Occupancy by Node page - Fixed
  • Error on Storage Pool Performance Chart page - Fixed
  • Several minor bugfixes and performance enhancement

Sincere regards
The Development Team


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