Wizards Storage Portal V 3.53

To all Wizards Storage Portal users

Wizards Storage Portal was upgraded on January 22nd. The upgrade to 3.53 contains several updates for Wizards for Real Backup(Spectrum Protect/TSM) and Wizards for Virtual Storage(Spectrum Virtualize/Storwize & SVC) as well as significant UI, Semantic and usability related improvements.

What the upgrade contains:

Wizards for Real Backup
- For IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM)

TSM Client Activity Graphs: New chart component and unified colors
We have substituted the old flash-based chart on the "Transfers" page under Client Activity Graphs" with a new Script / SVG based approach, which has improved performance and compatibility. Furthermore, the colors signifying Archive, Backup, Restore and Retrieve has been unified to match the TSM Master Dashboard widget, for easier recognition.



Wizards for Virtual Storage
- For IBM Spectrum Virtualize (Storwize Family & SVC)

Pool Capacity History: Multiple counters in the same chart
The functionality on the Pool Capacity History page for Storwize and SVC has been extended so it now is possible to see several different counters for the same pool within the same chart. This makes for faster overview and makes value comparisons much easier. 


General updates & bug fixes

With WSP 3.53 we have effectively phased out the old image-based top navigation on the WSP and RBC sites. This improves load-time and performance and is a step further in making WSP responsive. Furthermore the UI has been simplified to take up less space and less attention from what is important, namely the data at hand.

We have furthermore implemented a new fluent component to collapse the left-hand menu. In case you are looking thorugh extensive data grids on smaller screens, this gives you more "space" on the screen without having to use horisontal scrolling.

Lastly, the old flash-based implementation of "Copy current URL to Clipboard" has been substituted with a new script-based approach for broader compatibility.

Semantic Changes
The "Planning" tab has now changed name to "Alerts & Reports" and now only contains the configuration and overview pages for setting up your SLA's, alerts and scheduled report emails.

Structural Changes
The resources section where the client repository, employee list and Submitted forms pages resides has been moved from the "Alerts & Reports" section to the "Settings" section.

Sincere Regards

The Development Team

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