Wizards Storage Portal V 3.54

To all Wizards Storage Portal users

Wizards Storage Portal was upgraded on February 12th. The upgrade to 3.54 contains several major new features for Wizards for Virtual Storage(Spectrum Virtualize/Storwize & SVC) in the form of a new Storage Master Dashboard widget and 3 other new standalone widgets

What the upgrade contains:

Wizards for Virtual Storage
- For IBM Spectrum Virtualize (Storwize Family & SVC)

Storage Master Dashboard Widget
We have finally released the Storage Master Dashboard widget for IBM Spectrum Virtualize. The widget gives a complete overview of your Storage Configuration.

The top section provides you with the amount and state of your storage systems and external storage. In the settings section you can choose which clusters the widget will show data for, and the widget can be renamed to your liking.


The capacity bar gives you a quick overview of capacity utilization, allocation and how much space is available, across your storage systems. The Total Storage Systems warning and critical thresholds can be set in the settings section. By default 80% and 90% respectively.

The Alerts Overview gives you an instant view of currently triggered alerts across your storage systems and their severity. Clicking the numbers instantly takes you to the active alerts page where you can dig deeper into the alert instances and helps you detect the actual issue so it can be solved.

The pool capacity section gives you an overview of how many pools you have and an overview of their utilization. The thresholds for for error and warning can be configured in the settings section to fit your storage configuration.

Furthermore you are given a look at capacity history showing Physical allocation and utilization over a configurable time period, in the case below a 30 day period.

The volume capacity section is similar to the pool section in most ways, except the capacity history chart shows you virtual allocation and utilization. The thresholds and timeframe is again, configurable in the settings section.

The Alert states section gives you an overview of alert instances on pools, volumes and hosts. Unlike the Alert Overview that shows the amount of different alerts that have been triggered, the Alert States section gives you an overview on how many entities affected by the alerts.

Both the Pool Capacity section, Volume Capacity section and Alert States section have been released simultaneously as stand-alone widgets.

Sincere Regards
The Development Team

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