WSP Update: December 2019

IBM Spectrum Protect

Events Summary

The new "Events Summary" page summarizes events by status, per node over a selected timeframe.

This feature is valuable for customers that need to know how the backups went per node over a certain period of time, e.g. last month.

In the example below we look at a one month period, which allows you to, at a glance for the selected period, assess whether tendencies are present, where certain nodes fail or miss significantly more often than others, and take the appropriate action based on this information.

All columns in the report are sortable and filterable, and are available for alerting and reporting.



IBM Spectrum Virtualize

Support for Pool renaming

The feature related to retaining historical data when renaming pools(mdisk groups), has now been implemented in the Wizards Storage Portal for IBM Spectrum Virtualize. 

This feature has, due to the complexity and interdependencies in the data structure of the Wizards Storage Portal, taken some time to analyze and develop; making sure that all other related information to the pools retains their information correctly.

The effect of this implementation is the ability to keep historical data on renamed pools, thereby enabling the ability to view historical performance and capacity data on pools regardless of pool name over time.


Rest API

Export API

It is now possible to export occupancy by node/vm for specific a date

Swagger API Documentation for the Export API

Complete WSP Rest API Documentation

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