WSP Update: february 2020

IBM Spectrum Protect

Server maintenance

A new feature has been added to the Service Level Agreement section in the WSP for IBM Spectrum Protect plugin called Server Maintenance.


What this allows you to do, is scheduling planned downtime for service windows on specific servers.

The dialogue allows you to select the server in question, set the time box for the planned service window, by specifying a start- and end time, and also providing a description of what the purpose on the service window is.


The service window is also reflected on the Server Availability State page, where an ongoing service window will be shown as "pending".


Furthermore, alerts configured to be triggered in the event of a server being unreachable is disabled during configured service windows.

Cloud Pools support

The storage pool pages have been extended to query and retain columns from storage pool tables in Spectrum Protect pertaining to Cloud Pools, including: Total Cloud Space, Used Cloud Space, Bucket Name, Local Estimated Capacity, Local Pct Utililized and Local Pct Logical. The columns can be added to the Storage Pool Page data grid view and are eligible for filtering reporting and alerting.



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